Collaborating to Advance HealthTech

CIMIT is a trusted partner to organizations investing in medical innovation by providing efficient processes, leading market expertise and resources that enable rapid development leading to improved healthcare outcomes. 

Our Impact

An early pioneer in managing translational research, we’ve directly supported over 1,200 innovator teams and over 5,000 ideas since our founding in 1998.

Since 2018, we have been the Coordinating Center for the NIBIB Point of Care Technologies Research Network, employing our processes and collaboration tools, GAITS and CoLab, to accelerate innovation across a national network of funded research centers. Read more about the POCTRN program.

In addition, since April 2020, CIMIT has led the extramural aspects of the RADx® Tech program, which brought in vitro diagnostic tests to the marketplace in months rather than years. Read more about RADx Tech.

Find, Fund, Facilitate

CIMIT has over 25 years of expertise in clinical and medtech product development and employs a unique model that identifies unmet medical needs by:

  1. Finding, funding, facilitating technology-based projects to solve unmet needs in nearly every area of medicine to help improve the lives of patients. 

  2. Rapidly developing innovations from concept, to prototype, to manufacturing, and finally to commercialization for the end-user. 

Our extensive network of collaborators and secure, custom software tools enable efficient and effective operations across all teams.

Our History

CIMIT was formed in 1998 as a “center without walls” and was an early pioneer in managing translational research. Since our inception, we have been refining our methods, processes, and tools.

From the start, we recognized that sophisticated innovation methods and technologies developed for nonmedical use could be applied to unmet medical needs. We observed that early stage, multidisciplinary translational projects often have little chance of securing funding from conventional sources. In response, we focused on the often unrecognized and undervalued act of facilitating early-stage collaboration between multi-disciplinary and institutional teams to increase the potential for significant near-term clinical impact.

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