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Access to Johns Hopkins University Technology Watch Database (TBA)

Access will be provided to all companies, organizations, and individuals with interest in POCT for STDs. This database will identify comparable technologies for organizations with which to develop their proposals and technology design. In some cases, the TWD will assist companies by providing a potential teaming resource for complementary technologies. The TWD is intended to provide a central information source regarding companies and individuals. Integrated into the database is open source information on device characteristics, company contact, and developmental stage. Access to TWD will provide users the ability to find and understand competing technologies, locate collaborative technologies for which integration between organizations may benefit, and provide a mechanism to follow multiple technologies as they advance their development towards full commercialization as POCT.

Details and Requirements:

  • Registration will be required for access.
  • No specific developmental requirements are needed to qualify for this type of assistance.
  • This will be offered free to all organizations that request access from the Center.