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Working with the Centers

Centers within the network offer eight types of formal engagement with organizations:

  1. Consultation with Center Leadership
  2. Connections with Clinical Collaborators
  3. De-identified Clinical Specimens for Testing POC Devices
  4. Collaboration for External Funding
  5. Device Testing in the Research Lab or Pilot Testing in Clinics
  6. Alpha Core Training Resources (BU only)
  7. Participation in Focus Groups or WALEX (JHU only)
  8. Access to JHU's Technology Watch database (JHU Only - TBA)

As organizations engage the Center, they will schedule either an in person or virtual entry interview with the Director and staff. This interview will determine the organization’s immediate needs, the mission fit with the prospective Center, and the level of maturity of the technology. Please visit the home page for current funding opportunities.

*Adapted from the JHU Center for Point of Care Tests for STDs website.