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Participation in Focus Groups or WALEX at Johns Hopkins University

Opportunities to participate in focus groups or WALEX are announced periodically to support technology development and commercialization. The Warfare Analysis Laboratory Exercise (WALEX) is a mechanism unique to the JHU Center which has been used to obtain, prioritize, and integrate technology needs across professional disciplines. In this way, it differs from a focus group which typically samples opinion leaders from the same discipline. WALEX allows interaction and recording of the total program through voice and computer input and application of forced choice surveys in order to down-select the most practical technology formats. Organizations requesting this type of collaboration should be prepared to provide sufficient information regarding a prototype and its function to allow focus groups and WALEX participants to effectively evaluate the needs and anticipated use (market placement) of the technology. Very early stage pre-prototype development is not a candidate for this type of support.

Details and Requirements:

  • The Center may pool companies into a single effort involving focus groups, a WALEX, or both.
  • No costs are associated with this interaction.
  • Funding support for these activities will derive from the Center’s funding or supplemental funding.
  • The results of these efforts will be candidates for publication by the Center and participating companies.
  • Qualification for this support will be determined from the initial interview and the maturity of the product under development.
  • Solutions to critical developmental decisions which may help in the commercialization of the technology should be the outcome of these efforts.